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All that way for nothing 07-24-05 15:49
Got up at 8. Showered, ate, ran out the door. Drove to Chicago from Iowa City, that's about 4 hours. Got to warped tour and noticed all the people sitting along the lawns asking for tickets. Realized that we did not have ownership of tickets either. Shit. The show had actually sold out. With Dave Matthews and Lollapalluza (sp?) within an hours drive, everyone wanted to come and see the "punk " bands. I put punk in quotes because I feel a lot of the bands on this tour are closet emo kids. Which is a completely different genre. So, it goes without saying that we were pretty pissed. Jeremy most violently so. Anyway, we drove the 4 hours home, with a side jaunt to a casino. (Only with a 4 dollar net loss :))

That's my weekend!
Gots to go to the mall now?
Andrew are you sure you want to do this??
Hello, 07-20-05 12:18
My name is steeny. I'm new to elowel. Ooohhhh! I <3 pirates!